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You must not have used any resurfacing products (Retin A, AHA, Glycolic) or any injectable 14 days pre and post treatment.

No waxing or depilatory creams prior to treatment

You cannot be tanned or have used tanning products 14 days prior

No exercise or activity that produces body heat for 4 hours before treatment

Please shave a few days prior treatment to allow hair growth 1-2mm


Do NOT rub or pick after treatment. Skinstitut Laser Aid may be applied after treatment

A SPF30 or APF50 full spectrum sun block is essential

Avoid deodorants, soaps, harsh chemicals

No swimming in chlorine pools

Avoid sun exposure or artificial tanning products during treatment and 14 days post treatment

Avoid excessive heat fore 12hrs, exercise, sauna or hot showers. Pat dry only after showering.